Moshe Weinstein

Moshe Weinstein

Company: Everads-Therapy

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


Exploring a Novel Approach for Suprachoroidal Delivery That Enables Rapid Distribution to the Posterior Segment & Macula 11:15 am

Outlining an innovative approach for using a proprietary tissue separator to open a channel to the choroid Assessing capabilities to large volumes of deliver ophthalmic therapies of different modalities to the suprachoroidal space Evaluating safety and distribution data from Everads’ suprachoroidal delivery systemRead more

day: Day Two

Round Table Discussion: Exploiting Ocular Devices & Surgical Techniques to Streamline Accessibility of Patient Procedures 3:15 pm

Join conversations with your fellow peers to discuss the benefits and challenges of novel ophthalmic delivery techniques. Join tables discussing patient burden, surgical training, delivery devices, preclinical and clinical instrumentation.Read more

day: Day One

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