Uniting Pharma & Biotech to Accelerate Development of Delivering Long-Lasting Ophthalmic Therapies

Welcome to the inaugural Next Generation Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Summit

Revolutionizing Long-Lasting Delivery to the Eye

The inaugural Next Generation Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Summit is coming to San Francisco in January 2023, to help ophthalmic drug developers overcome translational challenges of developing novel long-lasting ophthalmic therapies via novel delivery methods to reduce healthcare burden and increase patient compliance.

Join 21+ expert speakers from the likes of Genentech, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Clearside Biomedical, Janssen, Eyevensys, and EyePoint Pharmaceuticals to overcome your translational challenges and enhance extended drug efficacy while avoiding systemic and local adverse effects. Don’t miss your only opportunity for an industry-specific meeting for networking and sharing extended-duration therapies with the ophthalmic drug development community.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Snapshot of Attending Companies


“This meeting bridges the space between pure development and clinical application and, for me as a clinician scientist and chief medical officer, is the most productive conference of its kind. Of course, the networking opportunities and hearing about the progress being made by other companies in this exciting space is enjoyable.” David Tanzer, Chief Medical Officer, OcuTerra Therapeutics

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